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Protect what you are care about. You can be confident with our range of security cameras to watch what is happening in colour day or night. Whether you need to use for indoors or outdoors, commercial site or residential address, we have a wide range of wireless Wi-Fi and 4G cameras for you to choose from.

Shop for Solar Cameras & IP Cameras online in the convenience of your own home. Browse our range below:


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Maybe you often travel far to work and you worry about the safety of children and the elderly at home, or need extra security on a commercial site or out of your properties, then our range of security cameras will help you.

At Truly Supply, we have all options for you to choose, from sola cameras to IP cameras, and either you have a wifi connection or just simply insert a 4G sim card to get the camera operated. Our sola ranges always stay fully charged by using extremely safe solar panels. Whether it's dark or bright, the solar-powered camera has an amazing tilt and pan field of view, with ultra-low power consumption and super long standby.

At Truly Supply, we make online shopping in NZ easy, accessible, affordable, and convenient. Together with our high-quality products, we guarantee you the best service and support when shopping online.